A list of Yvette Vanson's films and projects

All films produced/directed by Yvette Vanson unless otherwise stated

2000 The Murder of Stephen Lawrence
Bafta award winner Best Drama Written & directed by Paul Greengrass for Granada TV. YV - Executive Producer.
1998 Hoping for a Miracle
C4 - Follow up to the Stephen Lawrence Story documentary. YV - Executive Producer. Producer Peter Lee Wright
1998 Doomwatch
A television film directed by Roy Battersby and written by highly acclaimed science fiction writer, Ian McDonald. Produced with Channel 5. YV - Executive Producer
A documentary for C4 - Exploring the brutal killing of a young black man by a gang of white, racist thugs. YV - Executive Producer. Producer Peter Lee Wright.
1996 Cock o' the North
Granada Television - A film about Barrie Rutter's award-winning theatre company, Northern Broadsides; an exploration of its work and the driving force behind it. YV - Director. Producer Ishia Bennison
1995 Violence and the Censors
C4 Special - Murderers, movie makers, parents and victims are among those who comment on cinema's ability to corrupt. YV - Producer. Director Peter Lee Wright
1994 Making Advances
BBC - a 5 part series on sexual harassment at work, presented by Emma Freud with drama inserts. Winner of the Royal Television Society's Adult Education and Training Award.
1994 Taken for Granted
BBC - an Education Special about government cutbacks in grants and subsequent student hardship.
1994 Too Young to Care
BBC First Sight - about the children who are left alone to care for an elderly, sick or disabled relative.
1994 Breaking the Mold
BBC Wales - a film about the financial crisis at Theatr Clwyd, Mold.
1994 There's a Pig in my Pasta
Compassion in World Farming - a comedy/drama documentary about animal welfare. Music Antonio Forcione
1993 Salaam Butetown
BBC Wales - a portrait of the Somali Community in Cardiff.
1993 Devour the Earth
The Vegetarian Society - on the environmental consequences of meat and fish production.
1993 Eye Openers
RNIB - 3 training programmes for those working with multiply disabled people.
1993 Two Boys from Bangkok
Central TV - Comparing the life of a Buddhist novice monk with that of a street kid in Bangkok.
1993 Law Matters
Granada - 12 part series on legal issues presented by Michael Mansfield QC.
1992 How Low Can You Go?
C4 - an investigation into low pay in Britain presented by Geordie comedian, Mike Elliott.
1991 Presumed Guilty
BBC Inside Story - with Michael Mansfield QC. A critique of the British Legal System.
1991 The Battle for Orgreave - The Sequel
C4 - An update on the outcome for the miners who were dubbed 'rioters' in the 1984 strike.
1991 Black Diamonds
BBC Wales - about the people of Aberfan's artistic response to bereavement. YV - Producer.
1990 The Birmingham Wives
BBC Everyman - A unique insight into the campaign to release the Birmingham Six, by their wives and daughters.
1990 One Day at a Time
Promotional video for National Children's Home - PR Weekly Best Video Award.
1990 Key to the Future and Key to My Future
The Spastics Society now Scope.
1989 Stiching up the NHS
C4 - A warning of the price to be paid by the nation's health for following the privatisation route.
1989 Food WIthout Fear
The Vegetarian Society - Bronze Medal, New York Film Festival.
1989 SOS - NHS
British Medical Association.
1989 Understanding Disabilities
Understanding Disabilities Educational Trust - 4 Programmes which form part of a 13 week course for use in primary schools nation-wide.
1989 The BCCI Connection
C4 - Bandung File - controversial documentary about money laundering and the bank that collapsed.
1988 Kentucky Fried Medicine
C4 - 2 x 60' documentaries and a 90' studio debate on the NHS and USA health provision.
1988 Stand Up the Real Glyn Vernon
The Spastics Society - winner of IVCA Award of Excellence, ITVA Golden Reel Award, Gold Medal, New York Film Festival.
1987 Rat Race
C4 - Bandung File - drama/documentary on racism awareness training.
1986 Councils for the Defence
Lambeth Joint Trade Unions.
1986 Years Ahead
C4 - directed inserts for a weekday magazine programme for the elderly.
1985 The Battle for Orgreave
C4 - examining the role of the police and courts during the miners' strike.
1984 Taking Liberties
BBC - an expose of the destruction of civil liberties in the miners' strike.
1984 Advocacy
BBC - A BBC series of studio debates presented by Michael Mansfield QC dealing with controversial, topical issues.
1983 Social Services Media Unit (ESCATA)
Making training videos for social services staff nationally and internationally:
1983 Too Late for Jimmy?
Drama/documentary on child care
1982 Handling Aggression and Conflict
Drama on aggression in adolescents ITVA Award of Merit
1982 Over the Hill and Far Away
Video/pack on senile dementia. Many other programmes covering mental illness and handicap, intermediate treatment, fostering, adoption, management and supervisory skills etc. YV - Producer/director and manager. Set up international distribution network.
1980 Trade Union Research & Education Group, Ruskin College, Oxford
YV - Producer/Director of videos for Trades Unions - concentrating on development issues
1979 Cartoon Series on Economics
For Undergraduates.